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Wisconsin Rent Certificate

A rent certificate is used to verify the amount of rent paid.  Your rent certificate must be signed by your landlord. Do not change any of the information on the rent certificate after it is signed. Use a separate rent certificate for each home for which you are claiming homestead credit. If your landlord won’t sign your rent certificate, fill in the fields above line 1, as well as lines 1-8b. Rent certificates must be attached to file for and receive Homestead Credit.

2019 Rent Certificate

2020 Rent Certificate

2021 Rent Certificate

Homestead Credit

If you meet all of the qualifications for Homestead Credit, you must complete a Wisconsin Homestead Credit Claim, Schedule H, to determine the amount of any benefit available. If you qualify for a credit, you must submit a copy of your 2021 property tax bill (if you owned and occupied your home) or an original rent certificate signed by your landlord (if you rented your home) along with your Schedule H. The filing deadline for a 2021 claim is April 15, 2025, for most claimants.

2019 Homestead Credit

2020 Homestead Credit

2021 Homestead Credit

2021 Homestead Credit Instructions